Web Development and Design Trends 2021

Web Development and Design Trends 2021

Technology is changing rapidly, where web development and design trends are no exception. Every year brings some new and innovative trends. Website design elements and features that were once modern and innovative can become overdone in recent years.
According to recent web development surveys, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if the content and design of your website is not attractive. And this can result in a low conversion rate (CR) because your website looks outdated. It means your website lacks standard features.

So, it would be best and beneficial for you if you know about updated web development trends. It will surely help to create a highly intuitive website that performs well with high speed.

There are some Web Development and Design Trends for the coming year 2021.

1- Dark Mode

The dark mode web design makes the features stand out more, creating a higher contrast ratio with the use of other colors, but still improves visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain. This web design not only looks ultra-modern, but they are easy on the eyes.

Dark themes are far better for OLED screens – saving power and increasing screen lifespan.Sometimes the most visually stunning web design trends have a practical start. It looks stylish and modern and has better effect on a long-term user who is planning to read a lot of content.

Coincidently, the Dark Mode Design Aesthetic also fits in perfectly with other prevalent 2021 design trends, moody color schemes as well as futuristic yet dark cyberpunk styles.

2- 3D Elements

3D Elements technology is now in a place where you can design in 3D without NASA-tier equipment, opening the door for more and more designers. 3D visuals
Always have pleased people. Until VR becomes mainstream and cost-effective, hyper-realistic 3D, which often lifts the entire screen, is the best way to create an experience for your site.

In 2021, it is expected that users need to see 3D web design drawing users in and breaking the boundaries between digital space and reality.

3- Voice Search and Navigation

Currently, we are all experiencing the beginning of the voice search era, and this is a need of hour. Today, each smartphone is already equipped with a digital voice assistant. For example, Google Assistant for Android phones. In addition, AI-enabled smart speakers are also gaining popularity.

You must be amazed to know that 50% of search queries will be done with voice instead of text by this year.
Well, if you want your website to found easily, you need to optimize it for
voice search.

What is the role of voice search in web development and design?

First of all, it increases the importance of your website and makes it more user-friendly. According to Google, 20% mobile searches are actually voice searches.

Luckily, adding voice search recognition APIs to your website is very easy. The world’s two most important and popular web browsers – Google Chrome and Firefox support this technology.

4- Web Design UI

Motion design is one of the major web development and design trends. Smooth animation is essential on the website and is becoming popular today. This web development trend is forecasted to grow even further in 2021. In this case, both GIF animation and Motion UI work.

Due to motion design, these elements will be implemented:

  • Page Header Transitions
  • Charts
  • Pop-ups
  • Pull-down Menu
  • Scrolling

All above points will help you to display your unique style and entertain the user and help your web app rank higher in search results.

TernoTechnologies develops more attractive websites and provides maximum user satisfaction. We follow the updated trends for active web development and design techniques and offer you a valuable and exciting website.

5- Web Page Speed

User satisfaction depends on website performance. As we are always in a hurry to browse the web, and when page speed is slow, we leave it. After all, there are too many websites.

About 47% of people expect a website page to load within 2 seconds or even less. Therefore, the loading speed of a web application or website will always be in web development and trending over the next few years.


It can be hard to chase trends since it changes so fast. Remember that despite the changing perspectives, technical stacks, and ideas, the primary function of web development is to provide high-quality user experience.
This is a trend that will remain unchanged.

Although sure to the outbreak of Covid19, web development in 2020 is affected a lot but with the passage of time, it will get resolved. TernoTechologies always provide you with the best service of web development and design according to updated trends.