Google New Algorithm Impact on SEO 2021

Google New Algorithm Impact on SEO 2021

In October 2020 Google announced numerous improvements made to search over the year and some new features are coming soon in November 2020. Google new algorithm have a positive impact on SEO.

Google has confirmed 1 Billion searches per day. Google detected 25 Billion spam pages per day.

Google announced that some websites will crawl on http2 protocol. Actually, http2 is the new version of the HTTP protocol. This feature will help to reduce the load on the google servers and increase google efficiency. Although this is not the ranking factor, It will reduce the load from the google server.


The full form of BERT is Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Bert is a natural language processing pre-training approach that can be used on a large body of the text. It handles tasks such as entity recognition, part of speech, tagging, and question-answering among other natural language processes. Bert helps Google understand natural language text from the Web.

Google announced that Bert powers almost every single English based query done on Google Search. In December 2019, Google expanded the use of Bert to over 70 languages.

This wouldn’t impact a website’s ranking exactly. SEO cannot optimize for BERT. Instead, BERT is designed to improve the relevance of search results by understanding the content on web pages.

Google also explained that it has improved results on “specific searches” by 7% and did it through some advanced machine learning techniques. Google said it is also improving search results and answers on more “broader searches.”

Did You Mean

Google announced that it will also improve the “Did You Mean” feature. This is a new spelling algorithm that will use 680 million parameters and work on only 3 milliseconds.

This new update will impact your website if you have thin and repetitive content then Google will use this feature and reduce your website ranking. You must be sure that your web content has some meaning with correct spelling and grammar.

Passages Indexing

According to google new algorithm it is confirmed that it will not only index web pages but also index the paragraphs or passages of the web page and can rank the paragraphs.

“This change doesn’t mean we’re indexing individual passages independently of pages. We’re still indexing pages and considering info about entire pages for ranking. But now we can also consider passages from the page as an additional ranking factor”

Now you should avoid thin and repetitive content on your web page and add more relevant keywords in your content.


Google’s new algorithm will impact SEO content creators to create content in ways that best serve audiences. You don’t need to be pre-occupied with thinking about breaking up content to be optimized around a single keyword.

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